Embedding a widget - advanced options

The base url for embedding a dik widget is as follows:




This url has to be put inside an iframe to embed it in other websites, like:


<iframe  src="http://www.dik.nl/widget/embed/square/1502/bgcolor:333333" width="500" height="500" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>


The url needs extra arguments to define all properties of the widget:




main url components


currently supported basetypes are:

  • square
  • vertical

Dik channel ID. If you have a dik channelvideo permalink, like:


it is the first number, like: 1502

width-of-object should be the same as the supplied framewidth. 500 is default.

key:value pairs:


name of the skin. For each base-widget-type there are several skins, and you can define your own (see skinning)

  • square: available skins:
    • blackroundbox
    • cleanwhite
    • summergras
  • vertical: none


If you have your own skin xml, suplly this as skin, but do an urlencode, example:



width Instead of width-of-object, a width keyval can also be used
selected_item default video id.  Use "first" to select the first video, otherwise use the video-ID

autoplay:Y starts playing "selected_item" when the object is loaded

Only in combination with selected_item


optional background color (the object has transparant corners though)

html color code, 6 hex digits like FF0000 without #

lang language. EN or NL


Complete example:

<iframe name="DIKwidget1502" class="DIKwidget"


     width="400" height="400" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

<a href="http://www.dik.nl/c/1502/">Je kijkt naar het Vliegtuigen video kanaal.</a>